Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haapsalu Shawl- knitting course!!!

Dear English-speaking knitting friends,

As I had mentioned some time ago that it will be worth checking my blog every now and then; well, today is the day when I can announce excellent news – in August of 2010 we will arrange a knitting course of Haapsalu Shawl in collaboration with Kadri (The landlady of Green Luxury Mansion). The upcoming period will also be an adventurous vacation trip. The arranged visit will last all together a week and into the program we have gathered all kind of interesting activities for you.
So what do we have to offer?
For sightseeing we are blessed with pure Estonian nature, for accommodation we are able to offer cosy and peaceful guesthouses (Altmõisa, Green Luxury Mansion), for town sightseeing The Medieval City of Tallinn and last but not least – the marvellous handcraft shop Karnaluks.
The most significant news to you – we will arrange a 2-day Haapsalu Shawl knitting course, which will be led by two familiar persons to you – the authors of book “Haapsalu Shawl ” and diligent handcraft guru’s Aime Edasi and Siiri Reimann. Could there be a better opportunity of learning true Estonian handcraft from the masters as such? I would not dare to think so…

During the first days of the trip will also take place the famous and traditional Haapsalu Shawl knitting competition and The Annual Haapsalu Shawl Day. Both of those events are part of The Haapsalu White Lady’s Cultural Week (photos  from Arvo Tarmula, 2007)
In addition to these treats, you will have the opportunity to see how Estonian sheep is being raised, how yarn is made from the wool  in the local mill and finally how the yarn is being dyed with plants into tens of splendid colours. All these activities characterise just the overall spirit of the trip. More over, in addition to Aime’s and Siiri’s workshops are planned other jaunts and surprises. 

Certainly I am going to introduce the whole program more thoroughly quite soon. Today’s mailing was just a greeting to you and announcement to all interested parties because we have to take into account limited number of participants. Therefore, it would be worth giving your name up quickly. The visit is taking place on 22st to 29th of August 2010.

Additional information will be distributed through this blog in the near future, also provided by Ravelry and through Kadri’s e-mail if needed.

We welcome You to Estonia, to knit the magnificent Haapsalu Shawl.


kuduja merike said...

Oh!! How WONDERFUL!! I'll be teaching in London late July and can't do another trans-Atlantic trip this year. Here's hoping this will be an annual event. See on t6esti haruldane ettev6tmine. Kyll ma tahaksin tulla.

Kadri said...

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you in my house. Thank you, Rees, for taking initative to organize this knitting course.

Netty said...

Wow! I would love it. Not going to happen this year unfortunately, but I sure hope you do this again in the future!

karin said...

I´m interested in this! Would like to have more detailed info like cost of classes and accomodations
Thank you


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