Sunday, August 1, 2010

About yarn, which I love...

Recently I got some questions about yarns I use.  With my  self-learned English I try to answer (sorry about mistakes).

First- Karin asked me: I have a question about the yarn you are using for the gorgeous shawls. Can you compare the texture of it with anything we could get a hold on in the rest of the world?

I use Ogre yarn, this is 100% wool, 2-ply cobweb yarn. 2/28.Estonian knitters love this yarn specially for knitting traditional Estonian Haapsalu shawls. By rumors out of production, but last week I called Karnaluks-shop and they said  next week arrives new parcel of this yarn. I don´t know, is this really from Ogre-factory but I will buy it for kilogram at least. Last kilo is over soon ;-))
To compare this yarn with something... now I´m a little embarrassed. I don´t know very much of lace yarn around the world, but it is similar to yarn I bought this spring. Traub worsted yarn from Fibrecrafts e-shop. They are quite similar, but Ogre is not so furry (is this a right word about it?). I adore Ogre yarn and plan to knit many shawls from it.

Next- Erika wrote me and asked about two-colored yarn I used on my triangular shawls.

Dear Erika- this is  yarn, which I have dyed myself! I´m very proud of this idea and I made some skeins for sale too. On Hanseatic Days this was my best selling product. Now I have only some skeins in my box, but I can sell them too (if you or someone else want).

Take a look, this is today´s picture about colors I have this moment. From one skein (70-100 grams) you can knit triangular shawl, but why not a rectangle. My best yarn (I think so), october 2009,  looked like a fire. Maybe some day I can make even better...


ercsu27 said...

Dear Liina, you must dye yarns! :-)

The Fire is very-very-very beautiful!

I'd like to buy some Fire, too! :-)

nordwolke said...

So you can still buy Ogre yarn? Please let me know where I could order it.

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