Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why my sqare shawl is not a real Haapsalu Shawl

I´m glad, that some people are so interested about my Haapsalu shawl... And I know- Goolge translator is a funny thing. Estonian is not a easy language and translator does not satisfy the needs of real curious knitter. Greetings to Nordwolke :-))

The question was simple- why is this shawl not a real Haapsalu shawl? The answer is simple too- one of important part is missing. I made this shawl for fun, took a part of pattern, modified it a little  and made it to repeat. I knit only center and edging. The missing part is border.

Usually Haapsalu square shawl has  three pattern- one for center (simple and small), another for border (rich and large) and third for edging. My shawl pattern is big and rich, in original it was a border pattern. Actually I made it as sample, but I loved this pattern and knit it to real big sample :-))  I added edging and... if you please- shawl is ready!

In 2008 I knitted square shawl with three parts. I wear it even today!


rosalia said...

Interesting and stunning work!

nordwolke said...

Tänan! Thanks so much for this translation. See on teist väga kena. Ah yes, now that you have mentioned the answer, I see that it was not hard to find the answer. Nevertheless, I was too dumb to find the solution. ;) I love both squares and maybe some day I will tackle an Estonian or Haapsalu square as well.

Rees said...


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